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Equipment Ideas
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Reloading Tips
Reloading Tips by Lew Horwood - Click Here
Target Rifle Shooters Wanting To try Match Rifle With Peep Sights
To get back to 1200 yards you will need a minimum elevation rise of 15 points on your sights above your 1000 yard elevation. The easiest way of achieving this is to have a 'ladder' type front sight.
Mounting A Telescopic Sight
If converting your target rifle to take a telescopic sight or building a rifle for match rifle shooting  you need a tapered scope base rail. To get optimum optical performance from your scope you want it to be operating at ,or close to, the centre of its adjustment range. To achieve this the scope base should have ~ 40 minute taper machined into it. (This is not the case for F Class shooters who want to use the rifle from 300 to 1200 yards, they will need ~20 minute taper).