Stawell Rifle RangeStawell Rifle Range


37º 04’ 25”S, 142º 47’ 43”E

Situated in central Victoria on the outskirts of the Stawell township. The range is located 0.4km east of the Ararat to Stawell Road and 2.4 km south east of the Stawell town centre.

Ranges    1000 yds,    1100 yards     1200 yards
+ target rifle ranges from 300 yards

Number of Targets             6

Range Orientation       Shoot South East                  Range Elevation  260m

Type of  Mounds     Grassed

Average Temps    Summer (Dec-Feb)    30-35c         Winter (June-Aug) 1-15C

Shooting Program & Accommodation

Stawell has a range of levels of accommodation with plenty of motels and 2 caravan parks to choose from.

Or contact Bruce Ahchow at the nearby Great Western Hotel 0353562270 for local motel accommodation, B&B and host farms to stay

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