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Supine Shooting Position

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Victorian Match Rifle & Long Range Championships
Congratulations to the winners
Match Rifle Open - Lew Horwood
Match Rifle Reserve - Alan Blain
F Class Open - Nick Simms
FTR - Barry Southern
303 Rifle - David Reeves
Australian Match Rifle &
Long Range F Class

Congratulations to winners of the individual competition
Match Rifle Open - Philip Bain
Match Rifle Reserve - Chris Halloran
F Class Open - Adam Pohl
FTR/FMR - Eddy Kanik
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Australian Championships - Team Events
Match Rifle Team Winners
Maloney Trophy -  New South Wales
Rowlands Trophy - New South Wales
Mincham Trophy - New South Wales
Freebairn Teams - Team RICH

F Class Team Winners
Siegloff / Simms Trophy - won by Bill Siegloff and Nick Simms
NSW Match - won by South Australia
Victoria Match - won by Victoria
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What Is Match Rifle?

Match Rifle Shooting is target shooting conducted over the distances of 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards or 900, 1000 and 1100 metres  - i.e. where normal full bore target shooting stops, Match Rifle shooting starts!

Great Britain and Australia are the leading exponents of Match Rifle shooting. It was established in United Kingdom ~ 150 years ago. By comparison Match Rifle shooting in Australia is in its infancy only commencing in the mid 1990s.

Match Rifle shooting uses centre-fire .308W  rifle with telescopic sights (if desired). It can be shot either prone or supine (back gunning). In the prone position a rest for the front hand or forearm is allowed. Equipment Ideas

Match Rifle events and Associations in Australia also cater for Long Range F Class Shooters

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